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KC Mobile, established in August, 2003, is the mecca of R&D for the state-of-art mobile communication. With out dedication and passion, KC Mobile is always committed to assuring the satisfaction of all people with our products, specifically for our customers, buyers and all employees of KC Mobile. We produce GSM/GPRS Handset and have been building advanced technologies such as 3GPP(W-CDMA), DMB, and so on. KC Mobile has successfully made inroads into Chinese market in early 2004 and grown into a leader in cellular phone market in China, a market with annual sales of over 1 million cellular phones. In addition, KC Mobile has secured a solid foothold throughout the world in Asia, Europe, Latin America, Russia, as well as China, and gained the recognition for its cutting-edge technology. I really appreciate your interest in becoming a part of KC Mobile, and hope that you, our partners, continue to encourage and support us in the endeavor to pioneer new markets.
- All employees of KCM -